Q1. How to play the quiz?

Ans. The quiz can be played by simply following these steps:

Q2. How we can sign-up or sign-in to the quiz?

Ans. Go to the homepage of BuddyMojo and enter the personal details like name, username and password. After that, click on the “Sign-up” option available just after below the password box. In  case, you have an existing account, you can directly “sign-in” the quiz.

Q3. What to do if I will forget my password?

Ans. There is no option of retrieving your password as we never ask about your email details while signing or login the quiz to send you any information related to the password in the future.

Q4. How can I add my new questions and options?  

Ans. After you log-in  the quiz and scroll down to the questions, you will get the choice of changing both questions or options.

Q5. Can I delete the unwanted names in my scoreboard?

Ans.Yes, you can definitely delete the unwanted names from your scoreboard by following these steps:-

Q6. Can I delete my quiz and create a new one?

Ans.Yes, you can delete your old quiz and create a new one by login to your quiz in the same browser where you have played the quiz. Now, scroll down the screen and find the “Delete & Create New Quiz” button and your quiz will be deleted.

Q7.Where can I see my overall scoreboard?

Ans.To check your overall scoreboard, log-in to the quiz URL page and scroll down the page further. You will get the overall status of your friend's performance in the quiz.

Q8.What will happen if I will delete cookies?

Ans. Once the cookies get deleted, you will no longer have the access of your played quiz.

Q9. What kind of information are required to play the quiz?

Ans. After you log-in to the quiz, you have to enter three basic informations like your name, username and password.

Q10. Do my friends need to sign-up or log-in for playing the quiz?

Ans. No, your friend does not need to sign-up or log-in for playing the quiz.

Q11. Is there any eligibility for playing the quiz?

Ans. Yes, there is a eligibility for playing the quiz. Persons above the age of 18 years are allowed to play the quiz.

Q12. Can I logout my account anytime?

Ans. Yes, you can easily log-out your  quiz anytime you want. For that, click on the drop-down option available on the upper left corner of the homepage of your quiz. After the list gets open, you can easily find the logout option.

Q13. I am not able to make my quiz. It says "Loading, Please Wait". What Should I do?

Ans. Please refresh or go back. Do not USE 0 as an option anywhere and you will be able to create your quiz. All the best.